Four Corners House Inspections

If you are purchasing or selling residential property in the Canterbury area you need to be talking to us.

Whether you are intending to buy a home or an investment property Four Corners Home Inspections can provide you with the information you need to know about the property which will greatly assist you in making that important decision to buy the property or look for an alternative one.

If you are selling a property, a Four Corners Home Inspection report can be a valuable part of the marketing programme.

Has the property you are intending to purchase been contaminated with Methamphetamine or P? Four Corners Home Inspections can carry out laboratory based testing to establish if Methamphetamine is present.


Why use Four Corners Home Inspections for your pre-purchase/pre-sale inspection or builders report?
  • With over ten years experience in property inspections, we have the skills and experience to translate what we see in the course of an inspection into a comprehensive but easy to read written report. Photos are included only when they add value to the report, not as a way of padding out the report.
  • We do not take short cuts or cut corners when on site.
  • We understand that time is precious when buying property. Our written pre-purchase reports (builders report) can be available the same day, but certainly no later than the following working day.
  • Once you have read the report, you are able to talk to the inspector about any concerns raised in the report or any aspect of the report you do not understand.
  • We endeavour to make the process easy for you in what can be a stressful time. Once you have made a booking with Four Corners Home Inspections, we take care of arranging access and any other issues. We also text you (if we have your cell phone number) to let you know that the report is available.
  • We are independent – our relationship with our clients is confidential between our clients and Four Corners Home Inspections unless otherwise agreed.

When purchasing a property no matter what age the property is,
insist on having a pre-purchase inspection report or builders report
a condition of the purchase agreement.


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