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If you are purchasing or selling residential property in the Canterbury area you need to be talking to us. 

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Whether you are intending to buy a home or an investment property Four Corners Home Inspections can provide you with the information you need to know about the property which will greatly assist you in making that important decision to buy the property or look for an alternative one. 

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Meth Sampling

The impact on health of third party exposure to Methamphetamine (or P) has been downgraded by the Government based on a desk top review of available information.  Yes, the report may be correct, however there is no denying that where meth has been manufactured there are proven related health risks associated by living in such a property.  A meth lab can not always be identified by visual inspection.  Four Corners Home Inspections can carry out laboratory based sampling to establish if Methamphetamine is present whether it be in the home you are intending to purchase or an investment property.

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Do not want a written report but want to be sure that there are no significant problems with the property you are intending to buy?  A Four Corners Home Inspections Walk-Through Inspection will meet your needs.

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